I design Websites

See this image of a computer.  That jumble of letters and numbers is the code that makes a website work.  Some web design companies might make you feel a bit silly if you don't understand it.  

If you choose Gammon's Take website design rest assured you don't have to worry about that.   I won't make you feel silly (and anyway I am a bit silly).

If you are looking for:

Your first website

An improved website
Increased visitors to your website
A better value website
A website to complement an active Facebook account

Gammon's Take can help

(We can also help if you'd just like hosting for your existing website or email accounts.) 

Website design services

I’m a friendly website designer based in Somerset who specialises in providing effective websites for small to medium sized businesses at reasonable prices.

I can create the perfect website for your business from scratch or take over and improve your existing website.

If you wish to be able to update your website yourself I can build it using the popular Wix or Weebly drag and drop editors. I am also an expert in using WordPress for web design.  I will provide full training and ongoing support. 

If you prefer me to update your website for you on an as-and-when basis this can be arranged too. 

All my websites include as standard

  • PURCHASE OR ADMINISTRATION OF A DOMAIN NAME FOR YOUR BUSINESS - This is your website address and the bit that goes after www on a website, or the @ in an email address. My domain name is gammonstake.co.uk. If you already own a domain name I can do the admin and tech stuff to ensure it connects to your new website.
  • THE FIRST YEAR OF HOSTING YOUR WEBSITE - To be visible your website's files need to reside on a web server.  Hosting is providing the rented space for your files so that your website' pages are visible.  After the first year there is an annual charge for hosting.  (I also offer hosting as a standalone service if you already have a website.) 
  • RESPONSIVE DESIGN - This means that it will look great and work well whether customers are looking at your website on a large desktop screen, a tablet, a mobile phone or anything in between. 
  • SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMISATION (SEO) - Simply put, tinkering with the order of the text, images and code in your website to ensure that search engines are able to find your website and rank you highly in search results when people search for the words relevant to your business. 
  • SSL CERTIFICATION - An SSL certificate is a type of digital certificate that provides authentication for a website and enables an encrypted connection.   SSL certificates are what enable websites to use HTTPs at the beginning of their address which is more secure than HTTP and preferred by Google. 
  • GOOGLE ANALYTICS - A small piece of code inserted into the background of your website which produces statistics about the visitors to your site. 
  • EMAIL FORWARDING - Setting up a new email address for your domain which forward to your existing email address. 
  • LINKS TO YOUR EMAIL, PHONE AND WHATSAPP - So people can contact you at the click of a mouse. 
  • LINKS TO YOUR SOCIAL MEDIA ACCOUNTS - if you have Facebook or Twitter accounts we can have buttons directing visitors to these.
  • EMBEDDED GOOGLE MAP - So your customers/clients can see your location if this is relevant to your business, and then click on the map for directions. 

You can choose to add on services such as

email image

Email accounts

I can set up an email account and mailbox for you using your domain name to make your business look more professional. 

Contact form image

Contact Forms

I can create a simple contact form for your website to make it easier for your customers to get in touch. Enquiries are automatically sent to your nominated email address.

Twitter image

Embedding social media

If your business uses Facebook or Twitter I can embed your social media timeline so your visitors can see your latest posts without having to leave your website. 

Live Chat logo image

Live Chat

In addition to your contact details or a contact form I can set up a Live Chat function on your website so you can exchange immediate text answers to your customer's enquiries.  

gallery images

Galleries, animations, slideshows & videos

Pictures are worth 100 words and I can easily set up attractive galleries in your website to show off your products or services. I can also add animations and videos. 

Website Training image

Training and/or tailored 'How to' guides

If you would like to be able to update your website yourself I will provide all necessary training and / or 'How to' step by step guides to make this easy for you. 

Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy image

Assistance with Privacy and Cookies Policies

If you are unsure what your website's privacy policy and cookies policies should contain, I can provide assistance with writing these for you. 

Setting up and embedding Google Calendars

If you would like to share a calendar to show availability, events, etc, I can embed one into your website.  If you are not sure how to create a calendar I can help. 

Subscription and email marketing

Setting up email marketing software & adding subscription forms

If you would like your customers to be able to sign up / subscribe to receive newsletters or offers I can embed the subscription form and even help you in setting up email marketing software accounts. 

Accessibility Photo by valérie faiola on Unsplash

Accessiblity Reviews, Improvements and Reporting 

Website accessibility regulations came into force for public sector bodies in 2018. If you are a public body I can help you undertake an accessibility review on your website, suggestion improvements and write the necessary report to attach.

Professional photography image

Acquiring professional stock photos and videos or arranging photography

If you don't have enough good quality images for your business websites I can help in several ways.  I can either take photographs, I can acquire free or paid-for stock photographs or I can organise a professional photographer to come and take photos for you. 

Google Map Business Listings

Setting up a listing for your business on Google Maps

Google maps is an important tool for businesses and you really should have a listing to showcase what you offer and be easily found online. I can help with the initial set up of a Google Maps Business listing for you, and then hand over the reins so you can respond to customers who leave reviews or ask questions. 

Wordpress Plugins image

Incorporating any of thousands of free or paid for plug-ins to your WordPress site

Plug-ins are small pieces of software on WordPress that can be used to add extra functions to your Website.  There are thousands of them so whatever it is that you need your website to do it is probably possible if I help you find the right plug-in. 

Social media image

A review of your Social Media activity and / or providing content

I work with a Social Media guru who can be commissioned to undertake a review of your social media activity, make suggestions for improvement and if required, take on the role of providing the content for frequent posts.  Packages are available to suit all budgets. 

Marketing and Promotional Activities image

Other promotional activities

I work closely with an expert on Business Marketing and Promotion who offers advice, research, reports and support to help businesses of all sizes achieve their aims, whether they want to become more profitable, develop new products, research ideas, get more publicity through the media, attract more visitors or arrange events.  

Graphic Design Photo by Kaboompics .com from Pexels

Graphic design and printing

I work with several graphic designers and printers so whatever you need to present your business in the best light - business cards, posters, flyers, booklets, calendars, pull ups, signs, etc - get in touch and I will be able to connect you to someone who can provide exactly what you need at a good price. 

Hosting services

Do you already have a website but feel you are paying too much for hosting?

Or maybe you'd like to set up an email account using a domain name and need hosting just for that?

We can offer a very reliable hosting service for your website and/or email for between £60-£120 per year!

Please contact us for further details on how we can help, and maybe save you money by switching. 

Website Special Offer!

 Everything you need to get a one-page website up and running for your business for just £300!!

How long does it take to get a website built?

Depending on the complexity of the website, and how organised you are in terms of content and images, it can take anything from a couple of days to build a website, to a couple of weeks.

If you contact me for a chat I'll give you an idea of how long it will take to build your website and when I can schedule the work in to meet your deadline. 

Web Designing time-line

How we work together to create your website

(this does not apply to the special offer website)

Inital chat

Get in touch and we'll have a chat about what you'd like your website to do for you.  Ideally coffee will be involved (even if it's over the phone).  

I'll give you some suggestions and a competitive no obligation quote.  This will include everything, including our annual fee for hosting, which means you will have no nasty surprises.


If you are happy with the quote I'll invoice you for an agreed initial payment.  

You can let me know of any styles and designs you like.  

We'll talk about your competitors and how to get you placed above them in search engines.  

We'll work together on producing the text and images to be included.  Then you can leave me to produce a first draft. 

Snagging and signing off 

After you've seen the draft we enter the snagging phase!  I'll work with you until we have created a website you are delighted with.  

If you have opted to update it yourself at this point I'll provide training and a 'How To' guide so you know how to do this.  

After payment of the remaining amount I will make your website live!  :-)

Ongoing support

If you have any enquiries, suggestions or issues I'll be around to help.

My reasonable ongoing annual hosting fee (basically renting space on a server to keep your website visible on the web 24hrs a day every day), includes some small website changes and if you like we can agree a fee for me to make regular website updates for you if you wish. 

A long-lasting relationship

You will be able to view your website's statistics. As time goes by I hope we will continue to chat and review your website to see if improvements can be made.  New things may appear which you are keen to incorporate, and older things may become obsolete.

We hope that you will continue to use Gammon's Take for your website needs whichever way the future may take us! 

Tell me what you want your website to do for you, then relax as I create a website you'll be delighted with.

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